Quality asphalt testing and inspection is essential to the successful completion of construction projects as a result of new technologies, increased construction liability, and revised building standards. 

BIS inspectors provide full asphalt testing services. Our services are backed by the documentation you need to ensure quality asphalt production and installation.

High-quality asphalt testing begins with gathering precise and reliable data.  Our engineers control, assess, and approve each phase of a testing project to guarantee accurate, reliable results. 

We provide Quality Control and Quality Assurance (acceptance) testing by some or all of the following measurement procedures or test methods: bituminous paving mixture, random sampling locations determinants, bitumen/sieve analysis, resistance to plastic flow, specific gravity, compacted and non-compacted densities, air void percentage, and core drilling thickness determination and analysis.

Aggregate Testing - Since most pavements consist of 95% aggregates, Stork engages in the testing of these materials.

Asphalt Binders (Oils) - We perform a wide variety of physical tests as part of third-party evaluation, QC/QA testing or material specification. These tests include such things as softening points, viscosity tests, and other physical tests.

Asphalt Field Services - We provide personnel and equipment to evaluate the production and placement of asphalt paving. This may include a mobile laboratory, or we may simply provide personnel to inspect and assist with placement activities. This service fulfills a valuable role in the QC process.

Asphalt Emulsions and Cutbacks - We routinely test asphalt emulsions and cutbacks to verify compliance with specifications.

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